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Odd Things Ever Witnessed in Lab

Science is full of things that always leave so many unanswered questions on the minds of people. Scientific innovations have made very great impacts on the lives of human beings. Most happenings related to nature can be explained by scientists. Research has led to the quality of lives we are living today. Here are some of the odd things that have ever occurred in the lab.

It has been revealed that among the odd things that happened in science, one of them relating to piano music and torpedo signal happened not in a public lab but a home secret lab. The discovery was made by two people by the names Hedy Lammar and George Antheil who coincidently happened to have a similar interest in weapon design and mechanical dealings. The Wi-Fi technology and the cellular signals we have today resulted from an invention by Hedy Lammar and George Antheil when they discovered that dynamic frequency was quite hard to hack compared to the static one. The major improvement in the communication system due to the cell phones and the Wi-Fi technology was as an effort of combined knowledge of the two.

Scientific researchers made the funny invention about Ob/Ob mouse which has been helpful in our lives. Researchers reared mice within their labs to be able to study their behavior. Its through the study of mice that researchers realized the existence of the ob gene that could help in the metabolism an appetite disorders. People can get cure on their appetite disorders and unwanted metabolism conditions through the use of ob gene. Researchers have realized the ob gene to be very important in the study of obese conditions. Researchers have realized the use of the ob gene information to be of great help when studying cholesterol cases.

People found it weird to realize that the organs of a human being can be grown in the scientific laboratories. The discovery can be very important as it’s predicted to solve some medical problems. Some of the organs that look like that of human beings are liver, kidneys and the intestines. Its funny research by the scientists to know they are trying to grow human ears on mice. The use of the theory about the growth of human ears on mice has been of great help to the medical field as it has enhanced the knowledge of successful reconstructive surgery.

The invention of the robots has been another issue that has been difficult for the common man to understand. The continued advancement in technology, the scientists are likely to bring up more surprising discoveries by the scientists in an attempt to provide solutions to current problems. Many people have been able to appreciate the role of scientists in making the world a more admirable place to live in through the continuous improvements. Visiting this related post can give more information on the scientific inventions.