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Causes of Depression in the Internet Age

Technology and the Internet are meant to make life easier for people but statistics are unconvincing when it comes to the rates of depression as they are contributing factors instead of helping people to live happier. Statistics go to show that 7.1% of people in the United States have suffered at least one instance of depression. There are a lot of hypotheses that this has to do with the rising technology in the rates which people use the Internet daily. In our discussion below, we look at some of the reasons why there are higher rates of depression in the Internet age. why

Many people using social media has led to higher rates of depression in many populations in the world. Even though social media supposed to be a place of connection and making people happy about themselves, it has been found to be a place where people feel isolated and lonely. There are a lot of people on the Internet that are leaving a full life pretending to have it all, and therefore, this contributes to a lot of people ending up comparing themselves with them, and they end up getting depressed about where they are in their lives. The comparison rates together with the standards of loneliness that are brought about by frequent use of social media are terrible factors for mental health.

The increasing the amount of debt the current population is also known to be a huge factor when it comes to depression in the present age. 18 to 25 years marks the age where adults and youths have entered debt in a manner in which it has never been seen before. Student loan debts are one of the reasons why many such young people are entering into depression because it involves a lot of thousands of money. The pressure to pay the student loans is even made much harder by the rising rental rates are also, a decrease in job stability throughout the world economies and this is why depression keeps rising amongst people of such youthful age.

This current generation is seen as a significant reduction in religious belief, and this is known to be one of the leading contributors to depression worldwide. The current generations were able to deal with depression much better than the current generation due to the fact that they had the spiritual connection to be able to find the release that they wanted regardless of the pressures of life.