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Fascinating Arguments for Sex Work Decriminalization

Sex workers in the US alone are between 1 and 2 million individuals. It is common knowledge that the job of a sex worker is very dangerous. However, there are some people that would say that its dangers could be lessened if sex work is decriminalized. Even if today, sex work is still considered illegal in a lot of places.

And yet, when sex work is decriminalized, sex workers would have better control over their work, their safety, and their client base. Here is a useful link to explain to you why sex work should be decriminalized.

One of the reasons why sex work should be decriminalized is that criminal laws undermine human rights. There are different reasons why sex workers join such a job. While some people choose this profession as their long-term source of income, some just require some money in the short term for survival. And yet, despite varying reasons, each sex worker deserves to be treated in a dignified and respectful manner.

However, existing criminal laws do not do the same for them. Based on these laws, sex workers are to be stripped from their rights to work to provide for their families and themselves because they are criminals. Check this useful link for these crimes.

When sex work is criminalized, the sex worker cannot get justice access. Sex workers cannot access social and health services. Getting labor protections and workplace rights are also stripped from the sex worker. They are also vulnerable to arrest. By treating sex workers as lesser humans, their human rights are undermined.

Police violence and abuse are lessened when there is sex work decriminalization. The main abuse and violence perpetrators against sex workers are the police. And for these crimes, repercussions, and penalties are not present among the police. View this useful link to know why such things happen.

In order for sex workers to stop reporting such abuses, the police are so easy to use public humiliation and threats of arrest on them. While sex work decriminalization will not get rid of all issues of police abuse, it will allow sex workers to file for abuse without fear of arrest or retribution.

Once sex work is decriminalized, sex workers will now have better access to justice. For a lot of sex workers, they are easy victims of sexual violence like rape and other violence cases. Check this useful link for some examples. By criminalizing sex work, they will be endangered when they report these crimes to the police.

If such crimes are reported by sex workers, they have the fear of facing retribution for the kind of job that they are doing. The fear of being arrested, losing lawful employment status, and losing custody is very common.

Crimes done to sex workers can be reported easily with decriminalization of sex work. In short, those who commit the crimes will be punished accordingly. A sense of justice is present in them. Check this useful link to know why sex work should be decriminalized.