A Simple Plan:

Types of Teflon Coating

The teflon had become the common household name because of the wide variety of its used right across the different types of the materials. The teflon is used in the non-stick pans to be able to help to lubricate the military grade equipment. The versatility of the teflon makes it the common component used in the manufacturing industry that allows it to be used in the different applications.

To have the better understanding on how the teflon is going to be used in the various environments, it is important to look at the different kinds of teflons that is used in the manufacturing in order to achieve the kind of qualities that it is famous for. We have to make sure that we are to compare the various types of the common teflon and make sure to compare how to differ each of the teflon.

We are to look first at the Polytetrafluoroethylene or the PTFE that is considered to be famous of all the Teflon brands. PTFE is actually a high-molecular-weight type of the fluorocarbon solid that is a combination of the carbon and the chemical fluorine. The best thing about the PTFE is that it does have the hydrophobic characteristics which also means that it is not going to wet it.

The next one is Teflon FEP. This kind of teflon stands for fluorinated ethylene propylene and this has non-porous film on it. The FEP does melt and this one flows around the certain object that you will be coating. This can actually be a great type of option when you plan to get around some of those intricate objects that you need to coat with the teflon FEP.

The good thing about the teflon FEP is that this resist the common types of chemicals that is often used in the manufacturing industries and you can expect this to be a useful one. This one can have huge plus factor especially that is can be used to wide range of objects. The object that will be coated will now be resistant to those to those harsh chemicals. This do have the characteristic of being highly non-stick that can be used for various purposes as well. The best thing about this teflon FEP is that this can be water-base liquid and this is similar with that of the PFTE, and there is also powder that is both used in that of the manufacturing industries. The good thing about this is that you can pick for the one that can fit to that of your necessity.