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Warning Signs of Developing Addiction to Prescription Drugs and What to do about it

In 2017 alone the number of people who died due to the opioid epidemic was more than 70,200. The abuse of prescription medication was one of the things that contributed to these deaths. Learning signs of prescription medicine addiction are one of the proactive measures to prevent this danger from happening again. Knowing the warning signs will guide you see what you can do to help the addicted person to recover. Here are the warning signs of developing an addiction to prescription drugs and what to do about it.

You should start by seeking more information about physical signs that should alert you that your loved one has an addiction to prescription medication. Such as dry skin & mouth, flu-like symptoms, and slurred speech. The other sign of prescription medicine addiction is lack of care about personal appearance and grooming. Such as shaggy hair and appearing dirty.

You should also check out for random behavior changes to know when a loved one is developing an addiction to prescription medicine. Switching interest to overuse of prescription drugs makes a person neglect crucial activities. Such as school and work. Thus, you may find that this person is late to report to work or school. The other behavior changes are high temper, paranoia and anxiety. When developing an addiction to prescription drugs a person may lie about the pain he or she is experiencing. If you notice missing money or items from your home you should be cautious since the addicted person may be using the items or money to buy more prescription medications. Therefore, to know when a person struggling with prescription medicines addiction you should watch out for these emotional signs.

Therefore, if you see these warning signs you should seek more information on what to do. It is vital you strive to see the best way you can help the individual you have discovered is abusing prescription medication. The first step is to get this person to open up about the struggles of dealing with the addiction to prescription medication. It is vital you are caring when talking about the prescription drug addiction problem. To help a person recover from alcoholism and prescription drugs abuse you need to establish goals with him or her. You should support the person to attend meetings and seek professional help when recovering. Thus, you need to see things that can motivate this person to overcome the abuse of prescription medication.

Therefore, learning these warning signs of prescription drugs abuse can help save a life. It is essential you consult a doctor about the safe use of prescription medicine. The objective is to see how you can prevent the abuse of prescription medicine.