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Effects of Instagram Updates

Instagram reached one billion users a few years last years per Miami Ad School. This has been possible due to the ability to share photos and graphics in the platform. Instagram has also attracted huge numbers of advertisers and business owners who advertise their business on the platform. With a large number of active people in the platform, there has been a trend of sharing negative news stories and images in order to attract attention by some people in the platform. Instagram has, therefore, released news about important updates concerning the number of visible likes one has in their photos. The platform will no longer have visible likes underneath one’s photos. With this, the quality of competition will be lowered, and users will now aim at sharing quality photos in the platform. These updates have caused an outrage of comments to the user who have different views and opinions on the same. With this article you are going to learn some of the ways in which the new updates will affect influencers in the platform.

To start with it is important to note that Instagram is only testing the update but it has not been put into action yet. This is after the platform was rated as one of the platforms which have a negative impact on the mental of the users. Instagram has been known to cause lower self on the users. Without anyone seeing your likes there will be no reason for competition.

Most advertisers are always concerned about the number of likes that they receive from their audience. Most brands have even been accused of buying likes in order to seem like they have a wider reach when they don’t. The number of likes has always been a sign that one has a wider reach and a larger audience. Hence if the new updates are enacted they will ensure that no one will be able to see the likes that other people get. With new updates being put into effect, people will stop competing more on likes but will focus on sharing valuable content to their audience.

To prevent the effect of the new updates to the advertisers, it is important for them to start generating valuable content. Valuable content will help one reach more customers with their updates. Hence it is necessary for everyone advertising in the platform to ensure that they have developed good content for their audience. One should focus on giving the audience what they want to see in order to promote their reach and boost their sales.

Lastly, to make the best use of Instagram an advertise should focus on giving quality content to their follower.