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How to Choose the Right Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis

An essential thing that should be considered when you choose shoes for plantar fasciitis is one having a firm heel counter. The heel counters in such shoes are the back portions of such shoes that wraps around the heel bone and this is the thing controls the supination and pronation. Excessive pronation and supination is in fact the main cause of the plantar fasciitis. So when it comes to the selection for the right shoes, it is important to squeeze its heel counter so you could get an assurance that it is really firm. When the heel counter collapse, this is not the right kind of shoes for you and there’s a chance that it will not give you the support for your foot and your ankle.


Another important thing that you need to check as well is the shoes flexibility. You can in fact use both of your hands in doing this where you should hold the shoe by its toe and heel. Make sure that you also bend the sole of the shoe on the middle. When the sole just gives out little resistance and it collapses at the middle, you should consider searching for another one. The appropriate sole should bend very gradually and has resistance. This is really important for it to be able to withstand the steps that you take while you wear it.

Elevated Heel and Rocker Sole

It’s essential to likewise choose one that has an elevated heel as well as rocker sole. Also see to it that the heel of such shoe should be at least 1 inch high because this could help in shifting some of the weight from your heels that are painful. On its rocker sole, an effective way on how you could test this is to put the shoe in a flat surface and then push this down on the toe. See to it that the shoe will rock forward in a rolling motion. If the shoe could rock more, it will help better to heal the plantar fasciitis.

Never Buy Flat Heel Shoes

It is an essential thing to take note to never buy one that has a flat heel. This is due to the reason where the shoes will divert your weight to your heels that creates pressure to it and will only worsen the condition.

If in case you can’t find one that gives good results, you should consider an orthotic support that’s made to help cure plantar fasciitis. Having this will allow you to make shifts from the orthotic shoe and it also could help to make any good shoe to a really great one.