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The Guideline of How to Clean Glass Pipes for Firs time Smokers

When it comes to tubs cleaning, if one takes longer to clean them the tubs will be hard to use and are gross. If you leave your clothes dirty for months, utensils or even your stove, it will be unsightly and unhygienic. For marijuana smokers, they need to mind about cleaning their glass pipes as they do to other important things. Failure to regularly clean your cheap glass pipes will result in dirt that can cause cancer and other medical conditions. Not only that but also it will also ruin and degrade your glass pipe. When you smoke from a clean pipe, you will enjoy the test that you desired from the product.

You may want the most economical nice cheap glass pipes. A simple and faster procedure will be the right choice for you. Here is how to clean your cheap glass pipes simply. Ensure that you follow up this method well.

If you decide to use the cleaning water method, you should ensure that you have emptied all the debris from the pipe bowl. You should turn the bowl upside down and use a paper towel to remove every unwanted material from it. After boiling water, you can choose to pour the boiled water on the glass or put the glass inside the boiled water. You may choose to add salt or dishwashing liquid into the boiling water.

Let the cheap glass pipes stay in the boiling water for some 30 minutes depending on how dirty the pipes are. Use a paper towel to scrub the softened resin off the surface of the pipe. You can then continue to wipe the resin for a long time until the surface is cleaned and then rinse it.

If you find that the boiling water doesn’t do the job well for the cheap glass pipe, go for rubbing alcohol. If you feel that the cheap glass pipes will break down when you scrub it, you can shift to the rubbing alcohol and clear up all the sticky resins from the pipe. An abrasion factor or salt works best with alcohol to clean the cheap glass pipes. To do this, fill a Ziploc bag with isopropyl alcohol of about 90% purity. After this, you can put some salt in the alcohol and shake it well to dissolve.

You can the put some slats into the interior of the cheap glass pipe and ensure that all the holes are closed with your fingers. When you shake this salt, it will ensure that every form of tar and resin inside the glass pipe will be wiped out. At this point, the pipe can stay in the salt and alcohol for the whole night. Remove the glass from the content and rinse it thoroughly with lost of clean water.

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