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A Guide on Employer Discriminations and the Risks

Discrimination at the workplace is something positive to some extent but still very negative to the other extent. Positive discrimination at the workplace is where you criticize someone for showing up late at the workplace, they don’t meet the expectations or they are lying about the qualifications because that will lead to a positive change. However, if you find yourself discriminating someone because of their age, race, or disability, then you are in for negative consequences which might have to deal with. The truth is that charges against employer discrimination the workplace are increasing in number with 2016 having more than 20,000 charges for employer description. Read more below to learn about the employer discrimination charges and the reason for the rise.

The truth is employer discrimination is not as clear as you may think because sometimes it is enshrined in the company’s policies especially when it comes to performance expectations. This are some of the reasons why you find it very hard to identify it from the beginning until it is too late. Therefore, it is very important to actually know how employer discrimination happens so that you can start making some changes for your business. One important thing you need to know is to always terminate the employees based on their performance. It is one thing to terminate an employee because they are coming for late because that will you have plenty of evidence to show, but on performance, it is another story that you need to be careful about. Firing an employee because of underperformance, which was as a result of an injury or having a child, is discrimination and you might have to deal with a lawsuit and that is what is very important to also watch out the reason why terminating them for performance.

When you refuse to accommodate your employees is a form of discrimination. For instance, if you are someone on a wheelchair, one of the best things you can do is find a way of them navigating the offices otherwise it will be a form of discrimination. Don’t also discriminate against religious beliefs by ensuring that your policies can accommodate all of them. The increase can be attributed to the fact that employees are learning a lot about the rights especially at the work is. The learning because there are different sources of information they are lying on, including social media and the stories being shared here, but also because of labor controversies which are attracting a lot of attention. Align your policies, therefore, you can use the help of lawyers such as Klein Law Group.