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Points About Wolves And The Role They Play In Our Ecology

Wolf reintroduction has become a hot topic in the last two decades as endangered species of wolves are introduced into environments their previously disappear from. There was to play a really huge part in the ecosystem. As Apex Predators wolves are important to the ecosystem and introduction causes positive cascade effects on the whole environment.

One of the reasons as to why wolves ended up getting extinct is because ranches hunted them down because they killed so many of their herds. One thing that you need to know is that for the remaining population, they came up with ways on how they can protect them by establishing a National Park. By the year 1920 the walls had totally disappeared in this parks, and it was quite unfortunate because no action was taken. You need to know that when will started disappearing it took years before people started experiencing the effects as it started affecting the environment.

Wolf disappeared moose, elk and deer population skyrocketed. Environmentalists noticed that large sections of land were becoming Warren of the traditional Aspen and Willow Tree stands. Animals that sticking to one habitat and they never moved around compared to long time ago because nothing was hunting them down. Because the number of animal that grazed on plants increased this eventually lead to plants disappearing, and eventually it affected the health of trees and when the trees were affected the Waterways were also affected as they venture they became lighter because of the presence of so many animals. Animals such as fish and amphibian population decreased rapidly because the waters became shallower and then temperatures were very warm because the trees no longer produced shade.

It is quite unfortunate because bags were no longer present in the park because of overgrazing which affected the nesting areas and that is why they disappeared. In the parks, Rangers were not interested in bringing the wolves, and they felt that if they tried to control the population of the other animals in the park that they parks plant life will go back to normal, but this wolf reintroduction did not happen. When the hunters ended up complaining that there was not enough elk the government threatened that they will not continue funding the parks. The control measures were stopped, the Elk population ballooned again, and the grazing devastation began anew.

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