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What the Introduction of Marijuana Dispensaries at Music Festival Could Mean

In recent news, marijuana has become a widely discussed topic. The legal marijuana industry has evolved significantly over the past few years. Most of the American population is fighting for federal legalization of Marijuana and their effort is showing success at the moment. However, the reception it is going to get at music festivals is still unknown as people are not sure whether it is going to be treated as a hard drug or if it is going to get the same treatment that alcohol gets. When you consider the impact of these decisions on the live events industry, it is clear that the future of music festivals depends on it.

It would require a great investment by music festivals but if they can manage to get marijuana the same treatment that alcohol gets and let men and women using cannabis go unbothered as they would be able to cut on some costs. Marijuana dispensaries could be put up on site instead of it getting the same treatment that hard drugs get. Although all state where it has been legalized have the same consumption age of twenty one, music festivals have an age limit of eighteen and above. Where alcohol is involved, however, it could be a cause for worry.

There are a lot more considerations that need to be taken on the business side of legal marijuana. You might have gotten a clue from the comparisons with alcohol. With the continued legalization, cannabis companies are now gaining exposure and can now take part in the market like other companies through advertisements and so much more.

The question, however, remains; will or will it not go the same way? Most of the concerns have been directed to the marijuana companies and not the music festivals themselves. They seem to have no problem with letting the companies use them without thinking about it carefully. In future, the music festivals may need to be more proactive. They have be responsible for complying with the law and protecting the interests of all their attendees. The orientation should not be any different to that of advertising associated with the sale and consumption of alcohol and tobacco. The same path is likely to be followed by the marijuana industry and music festivals therefore need to stay updated with this. Apart from the festivals in Canada, music festivals cannot advocate responsibility in this area.

Most of the problems associated with it will be alienated if the security id improved a little and the regulations put in place followed. Marijuana companies are going to increase their profit margins and reach a bigger target market by using music festivals as a selling platform.

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