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How to Be a Comedian

When you see what professional comedians do, you may feel the urge to become one. This, however, does not mean it will be smooth sailing all through. You will have to take years to get as good as them. Here is more info on what you need to do.
You will know you are on the right track if you like to make people laugh. You can build on that by learning comedy. As much as your first attempts shall not yield fruit, you will have to keep going. This is usually harder when competition gets into the picture. You should look at lots of comedy from the past. Look also at those who failed at it. You especially need to be keen on where the great ones started. They most likely did not start so well.
You need to work on your material. Your original content should ideally last you more than an hour on stage. You should then look for open mic chances out there and start working. This is how you know if you have the skill. When you are writing, you will see the struggle of coming up with original content. It is hard being funny, and harder when you need to remain original. Comedians take time to get their material right, even years.
You need to then establish your voice. It needs to be original and unique. You will have to experiment until you find it. You may opt to go with the alternate persona route. This gives you the chance to step outside yourself and use a more confident voice.
A good strategy for getting material is to write about personal experiences. This approach has proven reliable for most comedians. You should, therefore, take time to write everything about your life. With time, you will learn to weave it into your material.
You need to brace yourself, as hecklers will come. These are an inescapable reality for comedians. Seeing as alcohol is served in comedy clubs, such a crowd will not miss several of them. You need to know what to say to kill them off. You will do best to get the audience on your side, against them.
You need to know that you will flop at some point. This will be one of the lowest points of your career. You should be ready for it, as even the best had to go through it. Do not expand it bigger than an experience. You will learn more about your career at such times. You will be better prepared next time.
Find a way to be on stage as much as possible. Through such practice will you get better. You may discover more about touring comedy on this site.