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Asbestos- How Can It be Dangerous to People?

People who are working or has an experience in construction industry must have heard about asbestos and its possible dangers.

But, although there are many who are aware of this, not all have the real knowledge why. If you are one of those people who are not really sure what makes it dangerous, then you have to learn more about asbestos.

In this article, you will learn the reason why you should stay away from asbestos. With this information, you can even protect your loved ones.

Before we begin on how it can badly affect people, it is good to learn first what is asbestos.

This is a mineral that is formed from minerals. When it comes to its texture, it is somewhat fluffy. This contains natural properties that made it an excellent material for insulation especially in the 1990s.

In fact, there were many buildings that used this material as construction companies adopted it. They have seen the progress in their business with the use of asbestos.

In addition, companies made used of asbestos to mix with other materials like paper, plastic and concrete to make it stronger. Construction companies has then made a more effective material for a stronger work.

Although this has several types and in different strands, they all share common uses and effects. In US, the law recognize six types of them.

The question now is, why is asbestos dangerous? Actually, its natural state doesn’t make it dangerous but its invisible and tiny fibers. The bad thing with these fibers is that people will not notice them as they don’t have smell, taste and can’t even be touched. Due to this, people will inhale the fibers without even noticing it.

The side effects of asbestos can’t be felt right away, but it will take several years like 40-50. This means that even if you stay away from this material for 20 years or more, time will come that the danger will come.

For this reason, when you know that your building or even houses are contaminated with asbestos, then seek professionals to remove it.

Once the tiny fibers reach your lungs, then it will slowly build up there and cause harm to your body. As they accumulate, they can start to block some parts of your lungs and airways. This is where people start to notice difficulty in breathing and can lead to a more serious problem over time.

The related condition that comes from asbestos inhalation are asbestosis, pleuritis and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

You have now a clear understanding on what asbestos can do you to your health. So if you don’t want to have health issues related to asbestos inhalation, better stay away from it.

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