Aspects in Technology and Religion have Transformed the World of Worship

According to statistics, more than 80 percent of the population believe in a religion, and more than half of the world’s population have access to the internet. This, therefore, implies that technology and religion have some common grounds. To some extent, people have developed a stronger faith in their religion and access to the scriptures through the internet. The relationship between technology and religion has therefore been a major topic of discussion. It is through technology that you will find that religion has been spread to some heights. This article will then explain to you the relationship between technology and religion to deeper levels, and you need to click in this link for more.

With the current activities happening in the modern world, there are scriptures that are aimed to focus on them. These days, you will witness many wars between countries and even the false prophets, an example of the activities that will show you the end of time. You may find that you did not understand the scriptures when in church, because the time provided is not enough for you to grasp. The mass will then be posted on the church’s website, which you can easily retrieve when you did not understand the scripture in church very well. As soon as the service is wound up, you will find most of the churches posting the video stream on their websites. Therefore, the internet will be used to enhance the understanding of the scriptures.

When you can’t go to your church, you can as well use the internet. Being at home will not prevent you from getting the live stream of the teachings at the church. You can find it going to the church a challenging task, because if the old age that catches up with you. Taking care of a sick is also another challenge that can make you go to church during the Sabbath. You shouldn’t despair and think that you are growing far from God. Through the church’s website, you can have a live stream of the mass. When you want to stream the preaching at the church, you can as well use the social media platform that the church uses like YouTube.

With the use of technology it is easier to fund the church’s undertakings. Before, the church would only rely on the funds that the congregation would offer. This was so little that it couldn’t support the church services and even maintain the congregation. The technology has enabled the churches to create recurrent gifts, where they will receive donations and payment processors like PayPal won’t charge them even a fee.