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Solving Anxiety Problems and Panic Attacks Using Some Simple but Vital Oils

It is alarming that there has been arise in the cases of panic attacks in the current age. It is not in any way normal and measures need to be taken to address it. The signs that you are likely to undergo a panic attack are that you will start experiencing rapid increase in heart rate, breath becomes short and start eating uncontrollably. When people experience these symptoms, they do know what awaits them but, in most times, they do not know what to do. In an attempt to be ready for such situations so that you can deal with them, many people have sought the advice from medical practitioners for medication. Apart from just giving medicine, doctors of also tried to advise such people on how to address the agents that cause the attacks to happen. We still experience and come across cases of panic attacks even though doctors have given out medication and advice people on how to deal with the triggers. Researchers found out that there are particular scents that help to deal with the panic attack triggers by changing the mode of the individual. There are a number of oils that have been used for this function and proven effective.

Among the many oils available, just mine is one of the most important when it comes to panic attacks and anxiety. You can easily tell jasmine from other oils because it is known to have a certain scent that is completely different. When people inhale the fragrance of jasmine, the effect is that there is general reduction in stress and the effect is almost immediate. Jasmine works in different ways and you can choose to take it in place of tea or you can as well as apply it on the skin.

Bergamot is another very important oil when first and panic attacks resulting from anxiety. Bergamot has a certain scent that is closely related to oranges and lemons. Perfume manufacturers have been using bergamot as one of the important components in the manufacture. Bergamot is a very essential oil that increases calmness and helping people to relax. Chances of a person who is relaxed to get anxious and make attacks is very minimal and thus this oil is very beneficial.

The triggers that cause panic attacks and anxieties can also be reduced by using lavender. There are a number of items we use on our day to day life such as the lotions we use that have been made using lavender. Lavender has a very inviting scent which also has an effect of making one’s mood better. You can experience the effect of love and by simply showering using it or applying it on the skin.