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Predictions For Stem Cell Research in 2019

Stem cell research refers to the study of stem cells and their application to the field of medicine. Stem cells are where all tissues in our bodies come from. The more researchers understand about stem cells and their properties, the more we can understand how the body reacts and develops in both illness and health towards a condition of homeostasis. Apart from that, this exciting page gives insight into how orthopedic ailments could be cured with the potential of stem cells. There has been a lot of controversy surrounding stem cell research in recent years. It is evident that research in this field remains unaffected as it gains pace towards the following predictions in 2019. We have been able to create a decent overview of the road stem cell research could tread this year with the aid of biomedical scientist, Dr. Paul Knoepfler. He is a cancer survivor and a man of science whose main aim is to have a positive impact on the world of biomedical research and the general world. You can read more about his predictions of a stem cell research in 2019 here.

It could have an impact organoids. It is related to the study of the brain organoids and vascularization. Apart from aiding in research, it could also answer some of the questions about morals and ethics. This is down to the fact that this field will also bring into perspective the reports of brain wave like activities in human fetuses.

The area of Parkinson’s disease, an ailment whose cure is not known, is another area that could benefit from stem cell research. In Japan, there are various claims of the first patient transplant with IPS cell product. Although it happened in the previous year, it hints at the direction that stem cell research could be headed.

Stem cell research could have some very significant benefits in the field of biotech. There are a few reputable names that you should keep your eyes on if you are interested I biotech. They are a better position to achieve better results this year.

State medical boards should be on the watch out to avoid missing out on this opportunity if at all stem cell research goes this far. There will be news doing rounds about stem cell clinics and how the state medical boards will begin the task of facing ‘snake oil’ stem cell research clinics. Some locations have set up a medical board task force that could mean trouble for other clinics.